Reconstruct Business Landscape

Like the soil and air on which human beings depend for survival, a healthy business ecosystem is the live-supporting foundation for businesses to grow and thrive. Business ecology is an external system, and it provides the business community with a shared future. A commonality of great companies in history is their commitment to breaking down traditional business boundaries and building progressive business ecosystems.

Creating values or not is the only measurement to corporate behaviours.
Endogenous entrepreneurs are the backbone of reconstructing new business landscape.
Each industry needs constant innovation, reconstruction, and upgrade to stay alive.
Breaking barriers with market mechanism, fully meeting the needs of organization and individuals.


Stick to Industry and Share Values with Society

Only when a company stay innovative and committed to create values can it enjoy a permanent life and energy. We exist to devote ourselves to industry development. We are determined to keep reconstructing industry values, seek breakthrough, choose to work hard when everyone else sit on the fence, go forward when everyone else stop, stay positive when everyone else wallow in anxiety. Cedar is meant to create values and make constant contribution to Chinese industry transformation and consumption upgrade.


Champion the Can-Do Spirit and Turn Impossible to “I Am possible”

What we believe is reflected in every bit of corporate culture of Cedar Holdings; it is the basis of our business philosophy, and is the core driving force for every member of Cedar Holdings to fulfill its vision and mission. Faith is what makes Cedar Holdings special and what brings us together.


Create • Share • Love


Enterprises are bound to create value. An enterprise hungry for monopoly wealth and resources will not have any future. Value creation is the sole criterion for testing a company’s operation.


Sharing happens in two ways. Sharing is equal. Cedar Holdings firmly believes that only through being selfless and willing to share can we jointly promote development towards a bright future.


Love is a primitive drive, the meaning of existence in the world, and the reason why human beings are willing to discover, work and create. Cedar advocates a culture of love, which is constructive and positive, and adds a brilliant note of peace and harmony to our lives.

Seven Virtues

  • 1Stay forward-looking and optimistic
  • 2Champion the can-do spirit and turn the impossible into “I am possible”
  • 3Value loyalty above all and build trust through accountability and healthy skepticism
  • 4Stay creative to pursue continued entrepreneurship
  • 5Fear retreats in those who look on the bright side of life
  • 6Take swift action and stand firm on delivering promises and missions
  • 7Establish win-win mindset between the management team, staff and partners

Seven Vices

  • 1Forbid Making decisions by one man’s say or pursue personal gains
  • 2Forbid offering or accepting bribes, abuse of power for personal gain or disclosure of business secrets
  • 3Forbid spreading negativities through complaining and moaning
  • 4Forbid passing the buck or taking others’ credit
  • 5Forbid idle away time without clear goals
  • 6Forbid extravagance and waste of resources
  • 7Forbid Duplicity and stubborn behaviour

Interpretation of Cedar Enterprise's Core Values

Social Responsibility

Micro-public welfare

Do something good even though it may be small. Focus on poor groups in remote areas or vulnerable people who are often overlooked because the events are too small.

Direct charity

Let every penny be put into practice, and insist that every penny and every love will be sent directly to the recipients across thousands of miles。

Let the recipients have dignity

Charity is not a show, charity is a help but more respect. Cedar never makes the helper standing in the spotlight as returns to the help.

Cedar Holdings regards the creation of industrial value as its foremost social responsibility。 With its long-term dedication to business of integrity, Cedar Holdings gives back to the society。 The core values of “Create, Share and Love” has guided the development of Cedar Holdings by integrating the pursuit of social, corporate and individual values。

Having established the Cedar Foundation in 2008, Cedar Holdings has been fulfilling its social responsibility through micro-charity and donations.

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