Positive and Endogenous Entrepreneurs

  • 1Faith creates the future and makes impossible possible
  • 2Choose challenges, open up fearlessness and have a sense of mission
  • 3Open and diverse culture and values accommodate different opinions; be good at accepting new things
  • 4Respect and appreciate everyone, treat others with tolerance, respect others' personalities and religious beliefs, etc.
  • 5Follow the institutional process and treat others fairly and fairly
  • 6Act now, continue to keep our promises, the mission must be fulfilled
  • 7Only loyalty cannot be let down, supervision and suspicion are used to protect trust.

To be Desired

1. Ambition

Ambition is reflected in strong entrepreneurship, lofty ideals and aspirations, as well as the desire to explore, create and start up business.

2. Determination

Those who follow their callings have firm beliefs and clear goals. Believing in the “what” is more important than knowing the “how”.

3. Love

Love is constructive and positive. It broadens one’s vision and adds a brilliant note of peace and harmony to one’s life.

To be Dismissed

1. Resume, which does not ensure your success

Be ready to start from scratch. With firm beliefs and enthusiastic entrepreneurship, success will come your way.

2. Education, which does not tell a full story of your competency

To forward-looking entrepreneurs, the key thing is whether you can rapidly fit it with Cedar Holdings, identify with its culture and take action towards great achievements.

3. Lip service to competence, which does not remain the way it is when the measurement is different

Cedar Holdings advocates result-oriented performance as the sole criterion for evaluating an employee’s performance.

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