Cultural Tourism Group

Aspiring to Become the No。1 Brand of Chinese Cultural Tourism

Cultural Tourism Group

To reshape cultural tourism, Cedar Cultural Tourism Group is constantly upgrading products and services, satisfying people's desire for better life and needs of spending upgrade in terms of food, accommodation, transportation, travel, entertainment and shopping。

In recent years, Cedar Cultural Tourism Group has been massively developing domestic tourist attractions based on precious natural spots. The company focuses on both towns of interests and all-for-one tourist destinations that feature creative ideas, quality experience and one-stop-shop services. Its business scope is expanding to cover the whole industrial chain through omni-channel marketing platforms, specialized operation team and standardized management system. Sinoer (002485), a listed company under Cedar Cultural Tourism Group, maintains steady and robust operation of its traditional business while venturing into cultural tourism areas to look for new profit sources.

In the near future, Cedar Cultural Tourism Group will build on its broad tourism landscape to further develop diverse business forms including tourism complex, fitness and elderly-care services, as well as culture. By combining mature financial service capability of Cedar's industrial chain as well as rich development experience, Cedar Cultural Tourism Group is creating an industrial chain for integrated development of various sectors as part of its efforts to become the king among its domestic peers.

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