Sunshine Supervision Reporting Platform

In order to carry forward one of the cedar seven virtues: "Trust: Only loyalty cannot be let down, supervision and suspicion are used to protect trust。" The holding group has set up the following sunlight reporting channels。 Any Cedar employee or partner knows that any employee is involved in:

  • Bribery
  • Let out the trade secrets
  • Take power for personal gain
  • Encroachment or damage to company interests, etc.

Report through the following channels

Sunshine reporting hotline

+86-020-36630890 (message telephone)

Sunshine reporting E-mail

Sunshine mentalitysunshine relationsunshine supervision

The informant has the right to choose the reporting method freely and decide whether to report in the real name。 The Sunshine Reporting Hotline and the email address are answered and managed by the Audit Monitoring Center, which reports independently to the Board of Directors。 The information reported and the identity information of the informant is top-secret information, and the Audit Monitoring Center has established measures to ensure the confidentiality of such information and to handle it anonymously。

The more detailed and specific description of the reported incident, including the time, place and people involved in the incident, will facilitate the Audit Supervision Center to handle the incident and provide feedback to the informant as soon as possible. In addition, the evidence provided by the reporter is crucial to the investigation. If the informant has collected certain evidences, please provide it to the reporting platform.

The Audit Supervision Center will conduct investigations and evidence collection within the scope permitted by the law and company system based on the information provided by the informant。 If the informant leaves a valid contact method, the Audit Supervision Center will contact the informant within 15 working days from the date of receipt of the reported information。 After it is true through the investigation, and the report redeems the loss or economic benefits of the company, the informant will be rewarded after the chairman of the holding group approves。

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