King Vision Group, predecessor of Cedar Holdings, was established, and since then has insisted on growing industry with positive attitude.

In 1997

We rode on sound momentum to speed up property development. We built Phase I of Hall of Fame, pioneering the development of villa-only residential area in Guangzhou.

In 1998

We ventured into metal trade and construction sector. Our two core businesses have taken shape ever since.

In 1999

Predecessor of Cedar Smart Tech Group was established to serve local communities with heart and soul.

In 2001

Predecessor of Cedar Commodities Supply Chain Group Supply Chain Group was set up to facilitate our commodities development.

In 2002

TAI-I ELECTRIC WIRE & CALBLE saw skyrocketing growth of production capacity, becoming one of the largest producers of enameled wire.

In 2005

We made into the list of top 100 Guangdong companies. We reported a total revenue of more than 3 billion RMB, securing a top spot in commodities trade of Pearl River Delta region. At the same time, we started to maintain the top 3 market share of copper billet in China.

In 2007

Cedar Foundation was established under our mission of doing business of integrity while giving back to society. Creating industry value was made the top priority among our social responsibilities.

In 2008

Cedar Commodities Supply Chain Group took a lead in adopting pricing trading in copper rod market, growing to be the largest copper rod trader in South China.

In 2009

Qixiang Tengda went public in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Equal weight was given to industry production and energy saving& environment protection.

In 2010

Our revenue exceeded 20 billion RMB. Cedar Commodities Supply Chain Group started to maintain the top 3 trade volume of copper rods and copper cathodes in South China.

In 2012

Cedar Smart Tech Group has established presences nationwide, creating our brand of community services.

In 2014

Qixiang Tengda topped the world in methyl ethyl ketone production capacity for the very first time, and since then gradually secured three world No.1 titles, growing to be a leader in C4 comprehensive utilization in China.

In 2015

We recorded a total revenue of over 157 billion RMB 16th among China's private enterprises; No.1 among Guangzhou's private enterprises; Cedar Commodities Supply Chain Group successfully transformed into commodities industrial chain integrated services provider, establishing substantial leading edge over domestic rivals; Cedar Cultural Tourism Group was established, with the opening of Da Yan Village of Fantasy.

In 2016

We registered a record revenue of 221billion RMB, ranking 15th among China's private enterprises, No.1 among Guangzhou's private enterprises. We have become officially one of the most representative private enterprises in the Guangdong- Hong Kong- Macau Greater Bay area.

In 2017

We ranked 361st among the list of Fortune 500 Global in 2018. In the same year, we were awarded Guangdong Outstanding Enterprise at the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up.

In 2018

We jump to 301st among Fortune Global 500, controlling a majority of stakes of Cedar International Trust and Dalian Financial Assets Exchange. We scale up our efforts on core businesses, aiming to become a top-notched conglomerate in the world.

In 2019

About Cedar

About Cedar

With our predecessor founded in 1997, We, Cedar Holdings, rode on the reform and opening-up and now become one of the most promising private enterprises in China。 We are also one of the Guangzhou home grown private enterprises that make into the Fortune Global 500。 In 2019, Cedar Holdings registered a total revenue of over 268。8 billion RMB, ranking 301st on the list of Fortune Global 500 list。 Today, we are actively driving forward our global expansion while focusing on our core businesses in order to become one of the world's leading conglomerates。

It is our mission to develop industry to make China great again and create values to give back to society. Through 20 years development, we are right now standing at the peak of our time. Cedar Holdings firmly holds a positive view of China's economy;puts into practice the theory of reshaping industry values and remaining future-oriented; focuses on China's industry transformation and consumption upgrade; presses ahead with supply-side reform; aligns our development with nation's strategies.

As an industry-centred conglomerate, our business operations cover sectors including commodities, new chemical materials, cultural tourism and smart city services, owning two A-listed companies- Qixiang Tengda(002408), Sinoer (002485) as well as a majority of stakes in Cedar International Trust and Dalian Financial Asset Exchange。 Headquartered in Guangzhou, we have offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing。 We also have branches covering Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Germany, UK and Australia, reaching out to top notched talents, sectors and resources。

We give top priority to creating industry value as our most important social responsibility. We insist on doing business of integrity and giving back to society through Cedar Foundations. We proactively deliver social services while constantly adjusting our CSR system to our development. To foster a sustainable life in the future, we are committed ourselves to targeted poverty alleviation, Belt and Road construction, military-civilian integration, green supply chain building, culture preservation and nurturing, community care and education. We, together with our partners and staff, are well on way to create a cycle of shared love, making our life even greener and better.

  • ¥268.8billion
    Annual Revenue 2018
  • No. 301
    Fortune Global 500
  • No. 15
    China Top 500 Private Enterprises
  • No. 1
    Guangzhou Private Enterprises by Revenue


King Cheung, Founder and Chairman of Cedar Holdings, member of the CPPCC National Committee, Vice Chair of Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce, Vice Chair of Guangzhou Association of Industry and Commerce.

In 1997, Mr. King Cheung founded in Guangzhou King Vision Group, which was the predecessor of Cedar Holdings. Cedar Holdings has been operating for more than 20 years and right now is at the peak of our time. It is one of the most promising privately-held groups that have emerged in the process of China’s Reform and Opening-up. As a private enterprise in Guangzhou, Cedar Holdings ranked 301st on the Fortune Global 500 Companies list with a revenue of RMB 268.8 billion yuan in 2019.

Mr。 King Cheung ranked 18th in the 2018 “New Fortune” List of the Richest 500, 46th on the 2018 Forbes China Rich List, and 62nd on the 2018 “Hurun Rich List。” As a devoted philanthropist, Mr。 Cheung founded Cedar Foundation in 2018, which has made positive contributions to social public welfare undertakings in such fields as targeted poverty alleviation, the Belt and Road development, traditional culture conservation, ecological conservation and education。

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Strategic Methodology

Cedar is a reconstructor of the industrial value. We firmly rooted in the industry, improve the efficiency of the industrial chain, focus on China's industrial transformation and consumption upgrades, and fully promoted supply-side structural reforms and actively serve the national strategy.

Contact Us

Headquarters: 62F, Guangzhou International Finance Center, No.5, Zhujiang Avenue West, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong.

Telephone: 020-38911638
For press interview please contact: 020-38194807
Media affairs: media@getarlo.com
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