Vice Governor of Guizhou Province visited Cedar Holdings

2019-10-23 11:03:00

On 23 October, Lu Yongzheng, Vice Governor of Guizhou Province went on an inspection tour to Cedar Holdings and met with King Cheung, Chairman of the Board of Cedar Holdings.

Lu gave an introduction about tourism industry development and resources advantages of Guizhou Province. He pointed out that in recent years, as Guizhou sees growing tourism industry as a strategic measure to coordinate economic development and ecological protection, it has been maintaining a rapid growth of the industry.
Opportunities for fast advance of the industry are booming. Tourism-centered economy is undergoing a transformation as Guizhou tourism industry is shifting from quantity development to quality development. Efforts have been made province-wide to tap into picturesque landscape and culture with ethnic characteristics, promote mountainous area tours, hot spring-centred fitness & healthcare sector, world top wine tourism belt, international astrophysical science literacy tourism belt, Wujiang River Resort, and Red Tourism Belt. As a conglomerate listed on Fortune Global 500 list, Cedar Holdings boasts superb strengthens in its diverse businesses and rich experience in operation. Lu welcomes Cedar Holdings to participate in tourism industry development in Guizhou.
According to King Cheung, based in Guangzhou, Cedar Holdings has been expanding its business landscape worldwide. Guizhou province is well known for its tourism with abundant tourism resources. It has grown by leaps and bounds particularly in the past few years. The prospect is brilliant. In the coming days, Cedar Holdings will make better use of its business strengths and characteristics so as to explore more opportunities of investing in tourism industry in Guizhou.
Also on the inspection tour were Zou Kang, Vice General Secretary of Guizhou Provincial Government, Li Sanqi, Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group of Culture and Tourism Department of Guizhou Province, Ma Lei, Head of Investment Promotion Bureau of Guizhou Province, Nie Bin, Director of Office of Guizhou Provincial Government, Guangzhou, and Yi Yong, Vice Inspector of Agriculture and Countryside Department of Guizhou Provincial Government.
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