Cedar International Trust recognized as an Outstanding Contributor to China

2019-10-28 15:28:00

On 26 October, Chinese Enterprises Quality Development Forum - 70 companies 70 people 70 years Ceremony co-organized by Chinese Company Reform and Development Research Institute, NetEase Media and Chinese Industrial Economy News Agency was held in Beijing. Cedar International Trust made into the Chinese Outstanding Contributors List published on the Forum, thanks to the strong backing from Cedar Holdings’ industry foundation and robust specialized finance business.

This forum highlighted entrepreneurs and enterprises that have contributed to economic development and social progress since the People's Republic of China was founded 70 years ago. Apart from the release of the Chinese Outstanding Contributors List for entrepreneurs and enterprises separately, discussions over High Quality Growth - Future Development & Current Choice were held in the forum.
Jiangxi International Trust, the predecessor of Cedar International Trust was established in June 1981 with registered capital of RMB 3.005 billion. In April this year, Cedar Holdings officially became the majority shareholder of Jiangxi International Trust. The latter changed its name to Cedar International Trust in June. Thanks to the strong support of its major shareholder, Cedar International Trust responded to the trust industry policy by tapping into the characteristics of its own business, actively exploring the possibility of specialized finance, supply chain finance and other innovative business patterns.
After entering into a new strategic development era, Cedar International Trust has recently issued many supply chain trust products of high quality. Their underlying assets serve corporations upon the upstream and downstream of commodities supply chain. Fundraisers and majority shareholders of receivables debtors are large central enterprises and state-owned enterprises. These trust products not only effectively put into use the idle resources of the upstream corporations, but also improve the cash flow of downstream corporations and therefore makes smooth operation of the whole supply chain possible.

As financial industry is stepping up risk prevention, strict regulation, and deleveraging, trust industry has even more difficulties in finding high quality assets, and thus slowed its growth, which urgently needs transformation. Supply Chain Finance, however, has huge growth potential. Cedar International Trust needs to rely on Cedar Holdings as a core corporation in supply chain business to seek a breakthrough. Cedar Holdings has almost 20 years of expertise drawn from its rise from many development cycles as well as robust capability of supply chain finance active management. Therefore, Cedar Holdings is good at identifying the authenticity, movable properties circulation and rights confirmation in supply chain business trade that many financial organisations find hard to crack.
What's more, Cedar Holdings has a good command of information flow, commercial flow, capital flow and technology flow. Combined with vast amounts of authentic trade data accumulated over years and its insights of each stage of the industrial chain, Cedar Holdings has built a reasonable and well-established risk assessment system.
In the coming days, Cedar International Trust is expected to channel financial resources to serve real economy innovatively, boost overall development of upstream and downstream corporations of the supply chain, optimize the capital flow of the whole supply chain, promote supply chain finance growth. In this way, Cedar Holdings will be able to help transformation and upgrade of the real economy and people's wealth growth.

Article courtesy of Netease
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